About Gamma-PNTM

GPN Vaccines’ technology is a proprietary engineered strain of S. pneumoniae that lacks capsular polysaccharide, is avirulent and is safe to handle; and when cultured and inactivated with high-energy photons (gamma-rays), a whole cell gamma-irradiated pneumococcal vaccine is produced which we call Gamma-PNTM.  This whole cell vaccine is capable of inducing broad-spectrum T- and B-cell immunity to cross-reactive protein antigens of the pneumococcus that, when tested in experimental animals, is sufficient to provide protection against different pathogenic pneumococcal strains irrespective of strain serotype.  The gamma-irradiation process used to inactivate (and kill) the vaccine strain provides an advantage over other inactivated S. pneumoniae vaccines because the structures of conserved surface protein antigens are maintained during vaccine production leading to effective induction of protective immunity.





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