Adelaide, Australia, 8th August 2023

GPN Vaccines is pleased to announce our recent success in the Australian Government’s National Industry PhD Program. The funding secured by the University of Adelaide’s Dr Erin Brazel, PhD student Carla Gallasch, and GPN Vaccines will support Carla to take part in the National Industry PhD Program in a joint project with GPN Vaccines and the University of Adelaide.

The project expands our preclinical development pipeline to develop a new vaccine against non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae.

Supervisor Dr Erin Brazel from the University of Adelaide’s Research Centre for Infectious Diseases says “Ear infections are commonly caused by bacteria known as non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae and these infections can have devastating outcomes, such as hearing loss in children. This project extends our collaboration with GPN Vaccines to co-develop a new vaccine targeting this important pathogen”.

The National Industry PhD Program supports PhD candidates in developing highly relevant skills for working at the academic and industry interface and aims to support the translation of research into commercial outcomes.

GPN Vaccines’ Chief Executive Officer and National Industry PhD Industry Supervisor Professor Tim Hirst says “I’m thrilled Carla Gallasch and the joint GPN-University of Adelaide project has been selected as one of the first recipients of the National Industry PhD program. I very much look forward to supporting Carla in her PhD as she seeks to create a new vaccine that will reduce the global burden of disease, especially in young children”.

PhD student Carla Gallasch from the University of Adelaide says “I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work on a project that addresses a burgeoning yet under-appreciated global health risk. It’s very special to be immersed in an industry-focused program under the outstanding mentorship of the GPN team”.

About GPN Vaccines

GPN Vaccines is a public (unlisted) biotechnology company developing a vaccine against Streptococcus pneumoniae, which is responsible for causing life-threatening pneumonia, bacteraemia and meningitis, as well as otitis media (middle ear infections). Each year it causes 1-2 million deaths worldwide, killing more children than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. There are now 100 different serotypes of S. pneumoniae and the best vaccine currently on the market only protects against 20 of them. GPN Vaccines’ product, called Gamma-PN, is being developed to protect children and adults against all S. pneumoniae strains, regardless of serotype.

Media contacts

Prof Tim Hirst,, +61 420 942 824

Dr Erin Brazel,, +61 8 8313 7552

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